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Yes, we can make a difference

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This time I have the opportunity to share some of the lessons learned on my career. I went to Zacatecas city for the 2017 CISOL which is an Open Source conference that gathers students and professionals from all the country for sharing Open Source related projects.

I’ve been invited to this event since 2 years ago, on last conferences I usually shared very technical talks about Open Source cloud project like OpenStack, CIAO and Docker. This time, it was different. I wanted to share some of my experiences on my professional career by taking the angle of selling our work. Basically, some the things that I’ve learned when doing personal and team marketing. At the end, it’s all about selling your abilities at work and you need to do it good.

If you want to take a look on my presentation, feel free to take a look on it and comment. Verbacious 101

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